1500+ Target Leads a month
we generate from LinkedIn
Genli - Best solution for B2B
Get sales team results in the first day, without big expenses. Targeted Business to Business lead generation that will bring up to your business 50+ leads per day via LinkedIn
0.50 Euro
50+ leads
Start Price
for Target Lead

Usual Sales
We generate
every day
Create the best strategy
Grow your B2B Sales
Genli - reach a client and build a good relationship without wasting your time
Generate up to 1500 potential clients for 3-4 weeks
1. Contact us
We will contact you as soon as possible
Write down your e-mail, and we will be able to send
to you all the information needed to get started
2. Campaign creation
Our team will take care about your Clients
All what you need, to highlight your target group and
the message text, and we'll take care of the rest.
3. Launch Generation
Start receiving new leads from the very first days
We use LinkedIn to build relationships, sales,
brand, sponsorship, recruiting, and to invite to events,
trainings, and conferences for your business.
Marketing Automation
Effectively warm up your leads and
move them to the sales stage.
The data collected could be transferred to the e-mail marketing automation system, so now each contact receives from you a
series of letters, without your direct involvement

*The scenario defined only once.
Contact us:
Mon-Fri 8.00 - 16.00
Saturday - Sunday 10.00 - 18.00

Customer Service: +48 574 102 878
E-mail: tseselskiy.daniil@gmail.com
Adress: Święty Marcin 29 / 8, 61-806 Poznań, Poland,
If you want to have a meetup, please write an e-mail notification to us.
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